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About Faye Mosby

Anjelica Records recording artist Evangelist Faye Mosby is known to be a worshipper! She has released her highly anticipated single “My Worship is My Warfare” in conjunction with the release of her book ‘Through the Fire for His Glory’ Lessons I Learned in the Fiery Trials of Life.


From the Psalmist: “I have been in situations where I felt like giving up, but when I would worship God his very presence would calm my heart and eradicate my fears. The music that I am recording is designed to speak to the heart of the matters that people are facing today. I am a survivor, but only because of Christ who strengthens me.” This strength is what makes her music a ministry of healing.


Many fans say Faye’s music ushers them into the presence of God. An ordained elder and evangelist Faye Mosby has traveled extensively ministering the word of God in teaching, preaching and in song. She overcame obstacles that could have stopped her ministry or worse could have cut her life short. She has learned to worship in the fire.

In a twist of fate that could only be described as Divine Intervention, Faye was inflicted with a gash to her hand that required medical attention. A quick series of medical tests later, Faye at age 37, was diagnosed with a very aggressive metastatic breast cancer. Faye underwent a radical mastectomy. The radiation treatment that was meant to rid her body of cancer severely burned her vocal chords. “I didn’t have much scripture memorized at that time but I focused on, ‘By His Stripes I am Healed’. My faith in God’s word kept me going.” During this tumultuous time, Faye wrote her first song, ‘With Healing Hands.’ “It just flowed out and it was my answer from God when the doctors said my chances of survival were slim, he said he would touch me with healing hands if only I believed. Since that time God has given me many more songs during my times of prayer, praise and worship.”

Often times after ministering in song people request that she pray for them to overcome an obstacle in their lives. Faye says she enjoys ministering one on one with those in need of prayer. She has ministered in non-traditional venues such as cruise ships, prison ministry and amusement parks. Faye released the album ‘Created to Worship You’ with fifteen anointed tracks in 2011. She won the 2012 Newsome Awards Female Vocalist of the Year, was a Grand Finale Finalist in the 2012 Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards and she is a recipient of the 2012 Black Essence Award. Faye was voted Vocalist of the Year in the 2013 SIBN Excellence Awards. She has been the featured psalmist on the WATC Atlanta Live television program. She won Traditional Song of the Year with ‘Love Song’ at the Music Love Awards in March 2014. She is the 2015 Rhythm of Gospel Awards Worship & Praise Artist of the Year. Evangelist Faye appeared on the Impact Network Bobby Jones Presents and was well received by Dr. Jones and the audience.


In 2004 Dr. Bobby Jones called Faye a “great song writer”. Faye says, “I’ll never forget those words when he called me back to the stage at a Praise Break Artist Showcase in Jefferson City, Missouri.” Faye received the Extraordinary People Award for Outstanding Vocalist of the Year 2015 in Dallas, Texas. Her most recent accomplishment is being awarded the PTY Vision Awards Author of the year in April 2016 in Rochester, New Year. Faye believes she is a “Music Missionary on a mission to do what the great commission has called us all to do.”

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